There once was a Me... 

I was the best Me I could be. I stand for equality. I stand for beautiful, affordable images for every one. I am Sabrina, and I am the eye behind the lens of Three Roses Photography. I believe in natural light, natural edits and a natural you. 

I first knew photography was something I wanted to do, when I would stare at the moon as a kid on long drives. I'd stare at that moon for as long as I could possibly stand it. I remember wondering how I could bring that moment of utter peacefulness to others. I spoke to the wise old monarch of the family: my Grandmother. She encouraged me to move forward with this interesting dream of mine. Three Roses bloomed shortly after her passing later that year.

Then came a man. He was the best man I could ever need. My dream of becoming a photographer was placed on hold so I could start another dream: a family. A marriage, two kids, and a new camera set-up later: my dream was finally able to spring from the back ground and really flourish. 

The support of my family and close friends has been everything to me and I am so thankful that I am able to pursue my passion. I am thankful to be able to provide for my family in such a unique way, and especially in a way that I love. This is more than a job to me, it is my third baby. 

Why photography? My mission...

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I was never sure how I wanted to be in the business, all I knew is that it was what I loved to do. Seeing a client's face when they see their photographs, hearing their reaction... that moment you make someone cry tears of joy... there is nothing like it. No feeling in the world to describe how happy it makes me. I can't even begin to describe the bliss this "job" has brought me: all the amazing things I've seen, the beautiful people I've met, the special once-in-a-life-time moments I've captured. Photography is the third child I will never have.

Each client has touched my heart in some way, and to be able to know I've been an equally amazing experience is what I strive for. 

Sabrina Swanson • 503.991.9686 • Salem, Oregon •