By purchasing a session from Three Roses Photography by Sabrina Swanson, you are hereby agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions. 


When a client purchases a session from Three Roses Photography, a retainer is due to hold a session date and time. The retainer is non-refundable. It is usable within 60 days of the session, unless otherwise agreed upon. If the client needs to reschedule the session due to illness or weather, it is the clients responsibility to let Three Roses Photography know as soon as possible. The retainer is still good even with rescheduling for 60 days.

The retainer is usually 35% of the over all session fee, sometimes rounded up to make remaining balances easier to pay. This does not include weddings. 

If client decides to cancel the session entirely and not reschedule, the retainer is forfeited. 

For sessions that are more than 20 miles outside of the Salem/Keizer area, a gas fee may be incurred. The standard mileage rate will be used to determine the fee for the entire session.

Wedding Retainer & Payments

Wedding retainers are also 35% of the total fee, but due at time of booking in order to lock in date and time. They are also non-refundable and rescheduling a wedding day is only subject to availability. If photographer is unavailable, retainer is forfeited. The photographer will do due diligence to work with the client to attempt to save the retainer and still photograph the wedding, however this is completely subject to the photographers availability. If the wedding is cancelled or the date is changed within 30 days of the original date, all monies paid to the photographer including regular payments are forfeited for loss of time. 

Payment plans are available for Wedding photography, but all funds must be paid before the event begins. Payment plans may differ from one event to another depending on the amount of coverage each event requires. Please see your individual contract for specific payment plan amounts and due dates. 

When purchasing from Three Roses Photography, the client gives explicit permission to Three Roses Photography to post on public websites, including blog posts, Facebook and any other media type that may be used to market Three Roses Photography and work associated to the photographer.

If a client does not wish for images to be posted in any public form, a written request must be received from the client before the session date. Please note, that images will still be uploaded to the private gallery that is password protected. 

Use of Images

It is the client's responsibility to ensure the photographer they choose is up to their standard and can do the work desired under the expected conditions.

In the event a client is unsatisfied with images after the gallery has been provided, Three Roses Photography will offer one (1) session that will last roughly half the time originally scheduled (usually 30 minutes) to correct the shots that the client is unsatisfied with, called a re-shoot. The re-shoot will only be offered once at no cost. If the client is still unsatisfied, there are no refunds and no further work will be done at no cost. It is up to the client to pay for additional session time either with Three Roses Photography or another photographer. In some events, Three Roses Photography may offer discounts towards future sessions, if not redeemed within specified time, they are forfeited. 

Refunds & Dissatisfaction

As the photographer, Three Roses Photography has full creative control over images selected and edited for the client. If the client has special requests, they must be made known to the photographer at booking. This includes, but is not limited to: special edits, themed sessions, additional individuals, specific poses or groupings, or any combination of the above mentioned. 

If photographer is not able to take images of certain people due to circumstances outside of her control, i.e. individuals who are not willing to participate, ideas that were not told to her, etc.; Three Roses Photography is released from all liability. 

 The photographer works diligently to keep all clients safe and healthy and will always ask permission before any pose or location that may pose risk. It is at the client's discretion to disagree or disallow poses, locations, or any other reasons that the client may be harmed during a session. Three Roses Photography is not liable for any injuries a client may sustain while doing a photography session. 

Liability and Creative Control